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Razertip Systems

Razertip's 10 amp SS-D10 and SK are made to stand up to serious professional use. Unconditional warranty covers everything for 3 years on the power supply and one year on all handpieces including fixed tips. Kits are also available containing the most useful pens/tips/cords for carvers, wood turners, pyrography and gourd artists.


Razertip® has been setting the standard for hot-wire pyrographic tools since the mid 1980's. Razertip burners feature near instant heat response, ultra-sharp tips (120+ lines per inch), your choice of the smallest handpieces or the toughest handpieces on the market, We have over 860 tip shapes, most of which are unique to Razertip. We take your safety seriously, too. Our CSA C/US safety certification covers both Canada and the USA, making Razertip® tools the only line of hot-wire pyrographs that can legally be sold in every province and state in North America. If you're looking for great value in a lifetime-quality tool at a competitive price, Razertip can fit the bill.


Razertip offers over 860 different tip configurations plus custom tips, most in your choice of fixed or interchangeable styles. With so many to choose from we realize that selecting the right tip may be a bit of a challenge. We have grouped the tip styles together according to their most common uses. If you are not sure which tip or pen is best for your needs please contact us and we will help you pick just the right tool.

Cords & Accessories

Razertip cords incorporate many unique features that make them the most reliable cord on the market. All of our RCA connectors are precision-machined, then carefully inspected, fitted, and electrically reinforced. In other words, they are made to handle the current and tugging like no other plug. Adapters, tip cleaners, replacement grips, etc.

Razaire 530

The Razaire 530 is the smallest, quietest, most powerful and versatile portable dust collector in the world. Because it is a modular system, it can handle the dust control needs of any small home workshop - from collecting dust at the source (rotary carving tools, belt sanders, etc.) to overall shop air filtration.