What if I break, or have a problem with a “Razertip” or “Micro Motor” Product?

Do you make custom “Razertip” pens and tips?

  • Yes we can get tips and pens made to fit your needs.

Do Razertip fix pens made by other companies?

  • Yes They do. Contact us for more information and pricing.

I am currently using a different brand of woodburning tool. Can Razertip® pens be adapted to my burner?

  • Yes! Razertip makes adapter cords that let you use our pens on virtually any hot-wire burner power supply.

Will Razertip® pens work the same on my burner as on a Razertip® burner?

  • That depends on your needs and the specific burner you are using. Razertip® burners give the fullest heat
    range and most stable temperatures for Razertip® pens. Some non-Razertip® burners may still burn too hot at their
    lowest setting while others may cause Razertip® pen bodies to heat up prematurely, but all hot-wire type burners will
    make the tip hot. Contact us for more specific information on your burner.

Can I use my old non-Razertip® pens on a Razertip® power supply?

  • Most other pens will work fine on a Razertip® power supply. One possible exception: larger tips require a
    higher operating voltage to heat them fully, so some of the larger Detail Master tips may not heat fully or
    recover heat very quickly. As with any special application, if you are not sure, please contact us.