NOVA Faceplate Ring 100mm (4")
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NOVA Faceplate Ring 100mm (4") Discounts Apply !
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NOVA Faceplate Ring 100mm (4")

Faceplates have always been regarded as a safe and secure holding method.
However they are a slower mounting method (especially when compared to your NOVA scroll action Chucks) Now you can have the best of both worlds!
The NOVA Faceplate Ring offer the same secure holding power of a faceplate, combined with the quick convenience of your chuck.
100mm (4”)(fits standard 100mm jaws), Faceplate diameter (5”)

 Features and Benefits:

  • Convenient - The Faceplate Rings fit directly into your NOVA Chuck (the appropriate jaw needs to be in the chuck) You don’t have to remove the chuck from your lathe (as you would with traditional faceplate mounting).
  • Fast -Fast Mounting Method for bowl blanks.
  • Woodworm Alternative - Best Alternative to your woodworm screw mounting, which is only recommended for smaller bowls.  
  • Off Centre Ability --  Can also be used for moderate ‘off centre’ multi-axis turning, by varying the centre.
  • Strong --  It is a strong mounting method, even with irregular sized wood, and rough cut surfaces.



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