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NOVA has been the market leader in Chucks since we released the first four jaw chuck back in 1988. The NEW Infinity system design allows existing NOVA users to access the latest in chuck technology, by quickly and easily upgrading their existing NOVA Chucks* with these Infinity Quick Change Jaw Slides.

MORE Feature and Benefits:

  • Simply and easily swap out your existing NOVA chuck jaw slides for the incredible Quick Change Infinity. Step by step instructions provided.  Once swapped out, you can change all four jaws in less than 30 seconds! No need to buy a complete new NOVA Infinity Chuck, if you already have a NOVA chuck, you can upgrade it to Quick Change! NOVA is the ONLY brand that rewards its loyal customers in this way, providing cost effective upgrades and retro fits.
  • Delivers very fast accessory jaw changes in under 30 seconds. Spend more time turning, with no fasteners to lose.
  • Gives access to the full range of Infinity Accessory Jaws on your older NOVA Chuck - get the latest designs in a full seamless 'from the ground-up' range
  • Still use your older NOVA Chuck accessories - simply update your current older NOVA chuck accessories to go Quick Change - with Retro Fit Kit Item #: 8200 (additional purchase).
  • Strong, Secure and Self Locking - Jaws cam lock securely and accurately, stronger hold with embedded jaw design - the holding force increases as the rpms increase. Super strong with 3 x tensile strength of conventional machine grade steel.


*Important note: This product is for those with an existing NOVA Chuck that they want to upgrade to Infinity Quick Change Technology. It is compatible with the G3 and SuperNOVA2 Chucks purchased from 2004. Chucks older than 2004 will need to purchase the SuperNOVA2 Infinity Chuck option to achieve the Quick Change technology.

**Important note: Infinity Quick Change System is NOT compatible with the NOVA Precision Midi or NOVA Titan Chuck

  • Standard Equipment:
  • 4 x Infinity Upgrade Jaw Slides
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • Warranty: 2-Year Full Replacement
  • Weight: .440lbs /200gms net


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